Chaque année le Lycée Jules Guesde invite les Barracudas à participer à leur « Americain Day ».

Lundi, Thomas Meley et nos joueurs américains, Will, Rob et Matt, ont animé l’atelier « Baseball » pour les classes internationales . Les élèves ont préparé une affiche pour l’occasion.USA DAY corrigé (1)

Un retour très positif comme le montre ce témoignage de Carol Huber Resident Director of American Programs:

« Just to let you know that things went very well yesterday at the American Day celebration.  As usual, your players were the stars of the show!  In addition to their kindness and enthousiasm to the French students, they were such good sports about the less than optimal weather and the lack of organization dealing with the last minute change in plans to play baseball in the gymnasium.  They were happy, upbeat and so patient with us all.  I also really appreciate how polite and helpful they are, always volunteering to carry heavy things, hold doors, let the « ladies » go first.

As always, Thomas had things well in hand and was great at making sure everyone felt comfortable participating.  We also enjoyed getting to know Matt, he was a great addition to the group.  Rob and Will told me this might be their last American Day celebration (depending on what the future holds for them) and if that is so, we will truly miss them.

You could not ask for better ambassadors for your team and I thought it was important to let you know how much we appreciated working with these four guys. »